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One last Cook for the Breaking Bad Finale - Imgur Recipe found here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/cheferik/one-last-acooka-for-the-abreaking-bada-ser-f83l  #BreakingBad #Heisenberg #BBaddict

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"The stars smiled down on me, God answered in silent reverie. I said a prayer and fell asleep. I had a dream…" 

 Dream Priscilla Ahn 

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And I tell you that some folks don’t evolve
They’re content with what they’ve got
They just sit back and they watch TV
But that’s not me.

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Inspiration: Andreyna S. AKA Dre
She is an up and coming photographer with class, vision and style! If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will will soon enough! She is truly an inspiration to me and I am grateful to have known her in my life and to continue to watch her grow as an artist and a photographer. Mark my words…this girl is going to be more famous than David LaChapelle! 
Check out her sites because there is plenty more where that came from!
Sites: http://www.flickr.com/photos/drechez/
And Tumblr: http://drechez.tumblr.com/

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Tonights Inspiration: Brian M. Viveros 

Sensual, delicious, dirty and just plain sexy! The art work of Brian M. Viveros is like steamy, hot sex in an old motel room with a stranger that just so happens to be AMAZING in the sack. Unforgettable and mind altering.

Official Site: http://www.brianmviveros.com/ 

Official Myspace:  http://www.myspace.com/brianmviveros

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Tonights Inspiration: David Choe

LA based multimedia, graffiti artist extraordinaire!   
Check out his Website: http://www.davidchoe.com/
And his Blog: http://davechoe.blogspot.com/

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Todays Inspiration: PinUP 
Found in Interview Magazine - March Issue 2010 
Photography: Victor Demarchelier 
Styling: Sarah Ellison

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Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. ~Stella Adler
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Good Afternoon, Inspiration: 

Hilary Hahn: Young and Beautiful Violinist 

And of course, we mustn’t forget the great Johann Sebastian Bach!

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